at The Ranch at Rock Creek

As a film wedding photographer, The Ranch at Rock Creek is a dream location and the epitome of what a Montana wedding is – beautiful views from the ‘top of the world’, sleigh rides, barns and real deal cowboys. Being a Wisconsin girl, where snow is a guaranteed constant for many months, winter weddings have a dear place in my heart. This inspiration shoot, designed by Darci from Beargrass Gardens is an incredible example of how, even in the snow and cold, there can be so much warmth in a winter wedding taking place in the mountains. Details of creams, shades of reds, light and dark blues tie together this classic wedding with the elements of the ranch – the barn, the river, the mountains, the snow – to make it the quintessence of a winter wedding, especially one in Montana. Any why not top it off with incredible food, a skate around the rink and a sleigh ride.